“Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa” Takes the Franchise Into Uncharted Territory

The original “Jackass” television show was largely unscripted, relying on stunts and the results of those stunts to get a reaction from viewers. “Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa,” definitely has a plot, but it mixes the reactions of unsuspecting passersby with a fluid script to produce very unique and entertaining results.

One of the characters Johnny Knoxville for the TV series is an octogenarian named Irving Zisman who acts like he is a good fifty years younger than he really is. The character is dusted off and fleshed out for “Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa” as a married man who is always horny and wishes he could just let go of his impulse control. He is given that very opportunity when his wife unexpectedly dies, which he treats as a chance to party rather than a reason to mourn.

Unfortunately for Irving, other family members have issues that prevent him from reverting back to his teenage years. Daughter Kimmie (Georgina Cates) has been arrested on drug charges, and it looks like she will be going away to the hoosegow for a very long time. That means someone has to take care of her young son Billy (Jackson Nicoll) while she is incarcerated. Her ex-husband Chuck (Greg Harris) lives across the country, and the only one who can drive Billy there is Irving.

Irving tries to play the good grandpa for about five seconds before his glee over his deceased wife takes over. He decides to have a good time and to show his grandson a good time as well. He performs various stunts, such as running through signs on the side of the road and crashing through plate-glass windows. As the newly minted duo travel across the country by car, they make lots of stops and basically wreak havoc everywhere they go.

This is where the film’s unusual mix of scripted and unscripted gets interesting. The stunts and high jinks are obviously already planned in advance. However, the reactions of the unsuspecting people in the vicinity are not scripted or rehearsed. Director Jeff Tremaine does an expert job of placing the cameras in just the right place so that all of these reactions are captured for the delight of the audience. These reactions give the film just as much life and buoyancy as Knoxville himself does.

Although the actors pull off several stunts in a row at times, the film also has some scripted interludes in between. These mostly involve Irving getting to know Billy better, first reluctantly and then willingly. He imparts his elderly, fairly skewed wisdom to the boy, who soaks it up like a sponge. Luckily, writers Knoxville and Tremaine make sure and give Billy his own personality, so he does push back when Irving gets too far out of line. In fact, Billy often seems to be far more mature than Irving; the only thing he can’t do better is drive a car.

Knoxville shows some real range as Irving, taking him from the one-dimensional caricature he was in the TV show to a fully realized man in the film. Sure, he occasionally acts like more of a manchild than an adult, but the audience understands where he is coming from and sides with him more often than not. His pranks feel more like the icing on the cake rather than the whole reason for watching the film.

Though Knoxville does good work, it is really Nicoll who shines as Billy. It’s hard to imagine what a child with a crack-addict mom and deadbeat dad must be thinking when his life gets upended, but Nicoll does an excellent job with a difficult premise. He is also not shy, dressing as a pageant contestant and posing as various other characters as part of Irving’s schemes. The cherub-faced actor had only previously done six roles before ” Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa,” so it is amazing that he accomplishes so much. He definitely has a bright future in Hollywood should he decide he wants it.

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Ideas for the Perfect Birthday Present

If you have trouble finding the perfect birthday present, then you have come to the right place. It is always hard to find presents for people, especially if you have no idea what they would like, or if they are picky about things.

There are relatives who always make out that they like the items, but they tend to mention in conversation, that they want the receipt and you will never see the item again. When this happens, you know that they have exchanged the item for something that they like better.

This is all well and good for the recipient, but what about the person who bought the present. Having people constantly exchanging the gift can lead to feelings of doubt and dread when it comes to the time when you have to buy the gift. Therefore, the aim of this article is to give you some ideas for gifts for people who might be a little more difficult.

Gift Ideas

1. Gift Cards – If you have a picky person, who you have to buy a gift for, then the best bet is to go with a gift card. Just ask them what their favourite shop is and then buy the card from there. That way, they can just buy what they want. However, this is not the most thoughtful of gifts and they might not think that you have gone to any trouble at all. If they usually swap the gift and they are still giving you grief about a gift card, then they are just trying to be difficult.

2. Slippers – You can never go wrong with slippers. People always need them and because they are worn a lot, people like to have choice and they like to know that they have a spare pair in case the pair they have get damaged. You can just get slippers from the supermarket, but if you want to show the person that you have put more thought into the item, then you should look into sheepskin bootie slippers. They are very popular at the moment and they last a long time. The material is a lot stronger and resilient. This type of slipper might be a little more expensive, but they are worth the money when you think that they will last for years, even under the stress of constant use. The materials are also very comfortable and warm on the feet.

3. Hats and Gloves – This is another gift that you cannot go wrong with. If you live in a country that has long periods of cold spells, then people will always need new pairs of gloves and hats. This is because they might have to wear them daily and they will want to have a choice and sets that match their outfits. They are not going to wear the same colour outfit all the time, so have a look through their current sets and see what colours they are missing. Then, just buy that colour and see if they have a sweater that matches.

4. An experience – Buying people experiences is becoming more popular. This is where you pay for them to do something like a luxury car ride, white water rafting or a fancy meal in a restaurant. You just hand them the voucher and they have to pick when they want to go and then turn up.

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Five Ways to Present Your Best Self and Create Harmony in Your Relationships

Have you ever stopped to just listen to yourself? Do you communicate well with others? Do you show love and support through the way you talk and act? Do you even recognize how you show up for yourself, and whether you are doing yourself a disservice in those moments? Consider the idea that when one chooses bad behavior, in part or in whole, it is a reflection of one’s character.

If you find yourself yelling at someone, saying things you regret, or barking foul language, you eventually will be remorseful. That is, of course, if you have a conscience.

Look, everyone has bad days, bad situations, and hard luck. I know I do. There are times when I’ve had regret on how I presented myself, what I’ve said, and what I’ve done. Although we all must move beyond those moments, forgiving each other, how we handle ourselves in those situations, and whether or not we realize our flaws, is what makes all the difference. Our future depends upon it.

Here are five ways to show up for yourself and salvage those relationships:

Make a happier you. If there’s only one thing that comes from presenting yourself well, it is that you create a happier life for yourself. You do this by showing up for yourself; choosing your reactions. Since you’re more aware of what you say and do, you won’t get all worked up in the emotional end of a situation. You know how to think on your feet. Obviously, that doesn’t mean there won’t be pain in the process, but how you react to that pain can change the scenario dramatically. In time, you figure out how to make every situation work a little bit better.
If you owe one, give it. With relationships comes disagreements; it’s normal for most people… and apologies soon follow. If you owe one, give it. However, open ears and an open heart can only hear the words “I’m sorry” so many times. The receiver must believe, without a doubt, that you are truly sorry, and that you understand how you hurt them. Then again, if this situation is one that continually happens, chances are your words will be ignored. The belief that things will change will not be an option.
Create a plan and make a vow to shine. Make a vow to pay attention to yourself. Recognize your trigger points, ahead of time, and figure out what you can do to avoid potential conflict that comes your way. Remove yourself from negative conversations, and most definitely refrain from stirring the pot, so to speak. Promise yourself going into situations that you will show up in the best version of yourself.
Look for the solutions. Take the time to look for positive remedies for when issues arise. Find ways to combat conflict without a negative tone. Being mature about the outcome can create solutions that you never thought of before now.
Do your homework and make good choices. If you believe with all your heart that the relationship is worth salvaging, then go after it. If the connection was not meant to be, and is not important to your future, then let it go. Holding on to combative relationships, or the resentment, remorse, and bitterness that comes with the territory will only destroy you in the process.
In the end, relationships created out of love or respect usually overcome the small details of petty issues. Connections that don’t have at least one of these two ingredients, love or respect, may very well discontinue once conflict arises. Even with the words of apology, there’s a strong possibility that one or the other may not want to continue the relationship.

We only have so many love connections in this world. Do your part to find ways to keep those connections alive and well. Be the hero, take a chance, and be vulnerable with your heart. Let others know you care. You might be surprised how many hearts will open through your actions.

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Engagement Rings, Push Presents, and Other Wedded Jewelry Requirements

Once you put “the” ring on it, be prepared to do this over and over again for the rest of your wedded union. Yes, it is true. The engagement ring is just the first in a long line jeweled, gift giving, splendor. First comes the engagement, then, of course, comes marriage, which means wedding bands! Yes! Time to update Facebook.

Next comes baby in a baby carriage. Yep, that little bundle of joy is going to bring a lot of love, laughter, and well… more jewelry to buy! Push presents are pieces given to mommas everywhere to mark the occasion of children’s births. Yes, we said births. As in, you give a fine jewelry piece to your ladylove every time she gives you another kiddo. Brush up on your birthstones!

Let’s not forget anniversaries and birthdays. Those are prime time celebrations for more jewelry giving. This is where you really need to pour on the sparkle! The older she gets, the more beautiful she needs to feel. Plus, the more anniversaries you celebrate the more stones need to be present to represent that significant number. Diamonds are usually the obligatory stone for such occasions. Ever heard the saying, “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend”?

Okay, we all know the inevitable is going to happen. Every partner slips at some point and cheats on the gifts. Whether it’s with Candy or Rose, the name doesn’t matter. A frilly flower bouquet on a major birthday, or a box of candy coated sweets for a holiday: everyone tries to sneak a less expensive gift in there at some point. Nice try, but we aren’t falling for it. Bring on the make-up jewelry! This is when you pull out the big guns. Dazzling yellow diamond stud earrings, elaborate drop-pendant sapphire necklaces, and layers upon layers of rare pearl strands. You know you messed up. So now is the time to show her what you’ve really got. Professional jewelers everywhere are well equipped for these crisis situations.

A gal will never forget her first though: that one special ring that made it all happen; the diamond engagement ring that got her to say yes and agree to spend the rest of her gift-receiving days with you. Now she has a plethora of other fine accessories to remind her of her wedded bliss. Maybe she’ll give you shoot-out on Facebook, or even a shiny present of your own. Like the keys to a brand new, fully loaded safe where she can stash all of jewels.

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Some Tips For Finding The Perfect Anniversary Present For A Special Couple

Choosing the most appropriate gift for a special wedding anniversary is not at all easy. In fact, it can be extremely stressful, especially if you are buying something for a very special couple. Even though most people say, it’s the thought that counts, we all still want to give something beautiful, or memorable and meaningful that they will treasure for years to come.

The other difficult aspect to this type of present, is keeping both the men and women happy! It is not always easy to find something that a husband and wife will both appreciate.

Items for their home or garden can be a good option, but one of the best and most popular options is personalized anniversary gifts.

Regardless of your budget, you will be able to find something wonderful with a unique slant when you buy an item which has their names or a meaningful quote engraved on it.

Another aspect which can help you decide on the perfect purchase is to consider which wedding year is being celebrated by the couple. Here is a simple list of each year of marriage and the associated item or flower which is appropriate for that year:

1st – Paper, Clock, Carnation
2nd – Cotton, China, Lily of the valley
3rd – Leather, Crystal, glass, Sunflower
4th – Linen,Fruit and flowers, Hydrangea
5th – Wood, Silverware, Daisy
6th – Iron, Wood, Calla
7th – Wool, Desk sets/pen sets, Freesia
8th – Bronze, Linens, lace, Lilac
9th – Pottery, Leather goods, Bird of paradise
10th – Tin, Aluminum, Diamond jewelry, Daffodil
11th – Steel, Fashion jewelry, accessories, Tulip
12th – Silk, Pearls, colored gems, Peony
13th – Lace, Textiles,Chrysanthemum
14th – Ivory, Gold jewelry, Dahlia
15th – Crystal, Watches, Rose
20th – China, Platinum, Aster
30th – Pearl, Diamond, Lily
35th – Coral, jade
40th – Ruby, Gladiolus
45th – Sapphire
50th – Gold, Yellow roses, violets
55th – Emerald
60th – Diamond

Did you know, that couples who have reached their fiftieth wedding celebrations, and above, can receive a special greeting form the President? What a special surprise that must be!

Whichever year they are celebrating, by choosing a beautiful item that is personalized with the year of their marriage, their names, or even a meaningful passage, you can turn a lovely ornament into a very unique and treasured item which will express how much you care.

One of the most wonderful things for couples is to be able to have keepsakes, especially as they get older. Items which help them to remember special occasions, or loved ones, and places of particular significance are always well received. By getting something personalized, you will be able to tap into their personal tastes. It is also a wonderful way of expressing how you feel about them, for example, it is a wonderful thing for children and grandchildren to give. They can use their pet names or have very meaningful messages engraved or printed on the present.

The most important thing is to think carefully about who it is for and what they mean to you, then there is no doubt you will find the perfect item.

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Effectively Presenting Network Marketing Opportunities

To effectively present network marketing opportunities, you must begin with an understanding of your prospects. We all realize that people come in all shapes and sizes. In their uniqueness, people respond differently to different methods of opportunity presentations. Unfortunately, most network marketers only know one way of presenting their network marketing opportunity to a prospect. If they were trained to use a white board and draw circles, then that is the only form of presentation they make. On the other hand, a person who hands out DVDs and CDs finds themselves lost if they have to make a presentation with a white board. Today I hope you’ll consider broadening your horizons when it comes to the presentation of your primary business.

The most successful marketers recognize the need to be skilled with a variety of presentation methods. Mastering these techniqus allows them to connect much more effectively with a much broader audience.

The first group of prospects I want to talk about are those that need something they can hold in their hand and look at. Every network marketing company offers brochures, fliers or catalogs of some sort. When this type of prospect gets your opportunity materials in their hand, they feel connected. They appreciate this type of “hard” information, because they can flip pages back and forth, skim with their finger or hand it to someone else for review. This method should not be limited to offline MLM prospecting. I would encourage even the most die hard online marketer to send printed material to their leads. By doing so, you will connect with those who “never buy anything” online or through email. Using a promotional DVD can also be highly effective with this type of prospect.

The next group of prospects are those who are responsive to email. It is this group that makes your email autoresponder a non-negotiable item in your business system. This group develops a connection with you because of the regular correspondence they are receiving from you via email. This ongoing connection fosters trust and an openness to the suggestions you are making. A great way of presenting network marketing opportunities to this group is through the use of the “ps” in your email. This presents your opportunity to the prospect in a non-threatening way, giving the prospect a sense of control. Another alternative to this tactic is to send an email that includes a special invitation to review the business opportunity that has been so beneficial to you. You can then direct your prospects to an online webinar or video presentation of your network marketing business.

Another group of prospects are those who need to feel a personal touch. For this group a phone call is invaluable. Anytime a lead provides you with a phone number it is always a good idea to make contact with that person in 24-48 hours. The warm voice on the other end, is much more meaningful to this type of person and they have made this indication by providing you with their number. This type of person is reflective of much of the population in the fact that they prefer to do business with someone with whom they are acquainted. During the phone call you can determine if this prospect would be more responsive to written material, a DVD or a website video presentation.

Utilizing all three techniques with each of your prospects is a highly effective, broad based strategy. Not only will you target the different personality types, but you will also be reinforcing your opportunity message through a variety of methods.

When it comes to presenting network marketing opportunities, the best strategy to use is a multi faceted approach.

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How to Make Your House Look Presentable

Marketability plans? What are they? Well, they’re the most important and crucial part of selling a house. You NEED to make your house look presentable and attractive if you want people to buy it. Nobody wants to spend good money on buying a house exactly like their previous one.

Buyers will only give you good money if your house seems good enough for the amount. Whatever purpose it has to serve in the future be it a place for starting over or a rental income, it is best to make your house look like it’s up for it. Renovating and renewing a few are in order.

Who hasn’t heard of houses with their special names? Be it Eagle’s Nest, Hill House or Little Oak Place, a house is part of a family. It is a non living member. Its name may have come from surroundings but it definitely ends up carrying emotional attachments.

Cut down on those emotions when selling your house. You probably won’t like strangers walking up and down and commenting on it. Negative feelings can be avoided if you don’t be too sentimental when selling your house.

You should make your buyer feel right at home when they walk into the house you are selling. It is a good idea. Just make sure you don’t make it seem like it’s your home and not theirs.

It is encouraging for the selling process if you put away family photographs etc. Packing away valuable things also avoids loss due to buyers breaking things or having a tendency for kleptomania.

Make it sparkle. Your house should appear neat and nice. Getting rid of any patches stains etc serves best and will work for your benefit as far as money goes.

You best believe the extra work is worth it. Not only will it get you a higher price from buyers it just might make your house look so good, you’ll decide you want to stay.

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Personal Presentation Performed Perfectly For Men

Your interview date is set and you are feeling very optimistic. You’ve thought what you’re going to say and you are feeling all prepared. You are confident that you will get the job without too much bother. You know what you need to ask them and how you are going to impress them with your knowledge and skills. Now before you go any further ask yourself these questions about how you will appear.

Should I wear a Suit?
It’s a good idea to wear a suit for a job interview unless you know that the firm has a casual policy. If you do wear a suit go with something simple, in a neutral colour. The more conservative your field is, then the more conservative your suit should be For example, if you’re applying for a job in an accountancy firm, go with a navy blue or dark grey suit; on the other hand if it’s with a marketing company something more trendy or colourful would be OK. Dress suitably for success in your chosen field.

What if the job is in an industrial setting?
It’s always a good idea to match your interview clothing to the prospective job. If you are applying for a job working on a warehouse floor, you will look out of place wearing a formal suit. However, keeping that in mind, dress respectably and so long as your clothes are neat and clean you will look fine.

Personal Presentation Tips for Men
A jacket and colour-coordinated trousers with a pastel shirt might do. But a solid navy-blue or medium-to-dark grey business suit is best, as is a solid-white, long-sleeve dress shirt with a conservative silk tie. Silk makes a smaller, much nicer knot than most other fabrics. If you can’t afford 100-percent silk, try a silk blend.

Wear calf-length dress socks (not novelty or bright coloured socks) that match the colour of your suit.

Wear low-heeled, conservative dress shoes that are colour coordinated with your suit. (For example, don’t wear brown shoes with a navy-blue or grey suit. Wear black.) Some say that laced shoes are dressier than casuals, but that’s a minor detail. The important thing is to wear conservative, colour-coordinated dress shoes.

Don’t go without a belt if you’re wearing trousers with belt loops. Wear a dress belt that matches your shoes (e.g., black with black).

Get a professional haircut or trim. If you can’t stand the thought of cutting your long hair for interviews, at least tie it back in a ponytail. But if you’re past a certain age then short, well-groomed hair is best.

Clean-shaven is the best way to go too. If you have a beard or mustache, shave it off for interviews. If you just can’t bear to shave it off, at least make sure it’s well-groomed.

If you ordinarily wear one or more earrings, please remove them before interviews unless the firm is known to be relaxed about wearing them.

Get all this right and you can relax – you know you look the part and your personal presentation will be performed perfectly. Getting this right boosts your confidence and feeling confident will ensure you have a better interview.

There is one other thing that tends to sap confidence though: being overweight can make you feel a little uncomfortable and is itself often the result of a lack of confidence, so it becomes a vicious circle.

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Why DVDs Make Excellent Christmas Presents

It always used to be the case that if you didn’t know what to get someone for Christmas, then you would simply buy them a CD. This is still true to an extent but now you are also just as likely to buy someone a DVD as a present. Although this may sound like an unoriginal choice of present, I personally think DVDs make a great gift.

There are several reasons why. The first one is because everyone has their favourite films and TV shows, and so you will never have any problems finding a DVD that they will enjoy. So whether that person has an interest in Hollywood blockbusters, classic TV comedies, travel documentaries, or even a special interest such as steam trains, for example, you are sure to find DVDs that they will appreciate.

In fact nowadays you may even find that your present will be one of the first ones to be used on Christmas Day because due to the fact that the TV listings have been pretty poor in recent years, a lot of people choose to put on a good DVD instead.

Another reason why I think DVDs make a great gift is because as well as being a low-cost option in most cases, they can also be used as a main present. If you are prepared to pay a little bit more you can buy someone a huge box set of their favourite TV shows and give them many hours of entertainment.

I’m personally a big fan of box sets and am always delighted when I get every single episode of my favourite TV shows on DVD. For example in recent months I’ve purchased the box set of The Sopranos, Seinfeld and the Monty Python films, and have enjoyed them all, and this Christmas I’ve arranged to get The Professionals and The Sweeney box sets as well which I’m really looking forward to.

So if you are looking for a more expensive gift than a cheap £10 DVD then why not buy someone the box set of their favourite TV shows. This will give them many more hours of entertainment during the long winter months than a single DVD, which they will probably only watch once or twice anyway.

DVDs are as cheap now as they’ve ever been. Even large box sets of entire series are extremely generously priced (the complete collection of Friends currently costs less than £50). So I personally think you can do a lot worse than to buy someone a DVD, or better still a DVD box set, this Christmas.

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Show Off Your Presentation With Personalized Binders

Binders are the perfect things for presentations. They use rings and such to help organize free papers and tend to give the sense of a more professional look at presentations. People aren’t very aware but binders have been around for centuries. Binders are not only able to be personalized but come in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and even types to suit your style or even personality. Even though this is true about the binders, they still have some similarity in styles and in many other ways, so how will you know which binder is yours in the case of a mix up? Personalization is the best solution for keeping your belongings to yourself and making a statement as well.

In a company there can be as few as a dozen employees or as many as a few thousand employees. Either way having an imprinted pad folio can help prevent simple switch ups and keep confusion between employees down. Likewise, personalization on items like binders can help to keep things organized in any type of business, which is a must. One way to keep your things together is to use binders. Binders have been used in the past all around the world and are excellent for keeping many important things together.

After you have worked a fair amount of time on a project or a presentation, you want it to be safe and not at risk of being destroyed. Imprinted pad folios are very helpful in business settings as well. Many people in the business field often travel a lot and need to make sure that their work is safe and not at risk of being damaged. Working to make a successful business is key, but having the tools to do it is essential. Personalizing isn’t something new but it has been seen more and more lately simply because knowing something is yours is important in keeping yourself and your business together.

In many ways, an embossed pad portfolio is simply practical. While it has the function of being personalized it is also helpful because it serves the purpose of storage. Using a pad folio makes it easy because you know where all your files and documents are without the hassle of searching through a briefcase or a desk. Having an embossed pad folio can also help promote your business. By attracting the attention of others is mainly how the embossed pad folio invests in your business. It is also a good thing to remember that products such as the embossed pad folio can help you to enhance your marketing in a lot of ways. People usually tend to remember if the businesses donate promotional items and then they are usually a lot more likely to choose them over other companies who don’t.

Having the tools and using them is essential in keeping your business together. Presentation and impression is also another major factor. Personalized binders are the buzz of the present and the future by making it known that they represent a certain person and a certain place.

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